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filler Nokeval Oy
Rounionkatu 107
FI-37150 Nokia
Tel. +358 3 3424 800
Fax. +358 3 3424 866

Tel. +358 3 3424 810

Technical Support:



Nokeval - precision measuring instrumentation

We design and manufacture transmitters, indicators, signal converters, galvanic isolators and data acquisition systems for industry. Our special field is temperature measuring systems.


We also manufacture wireless measuring systems and solutions specially designed to meet the needs of temperature self monitoring.




Moving completed

Nokeval have completed moving to new factory facilities (3300 m2) and delivery times are back to normal.


Move to new facilities

Nokeval Oy will move all its activities to new facilities between April 14 and April 22, 2014. During this time, the production is halted and no deliveries can take place. Sales and support (phones and e-mail) operate almost normally all the time.

We kindly ask all our customers to note the effect of the move on requested delivery dates. During week 16 (14.-20-4.) no deliveries can be made. During weeks 15 and 17 only limited number of deliveries are possible. We request all our customers requiring urgent or large orders to be delivered close to our moving time to contact us as soon as possible to arrange the delivery dates.

The address of our new factory is:
Nokeval Oy
Rounionkatu 107
37150 Nokia

Phone numbers and e-mail addresses remain the same.

Our Fax number changes to +358 3 3424 866.
New number is working already, old fax number stops working after April 14th.


An automatically generated calibration certificate is now available for most Nokeval products. The certificate includes a list of reference devices and several test points consisting of EUT and reference device readings. An uncertainty analysis is not available yet. The certificate is available on Nokeval www site, under Support>Calibration. A device serial number is required.

The devices covered are 201, 202, 301, 302, 305, 311, 312, 350, 2012, 2021, 2041, 6580, 6601, 6720, 6740, 7100, 6821, 6841, 7470, FT10-IS, FT10-CS, FT10-ES, HTB230, MTR265B, PME610, RMC685, RMD680, and RMD681.

Examples: FT10-CS and RMD680.


Nokeval Oy