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We are sensing the Spring is coming



We introduce completely new product and solution catalogues.

Our product catalogue includes our device variety divided into categories by product type.

Wireless solutions catalogue includes devices categorized by the quantities measured by the device. Condition monitoring service Ova is also presented in the solution catalogue.



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LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT, Wirepas, MTR433 and GSM are just few radio technologies we're offering at the moment.


Our modular device and service selection answers to the challenges set by digitalization. 

The wireless measuring system is flexible in utilizing various network technologies per need. The system may include several different transmitter models simultaneously. The service platform collecting the big data from transmitters can also be integrated to an existing IT structure. We are open for multiple implementations and realizations, contact us and find out more about our wireless options!


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Product development upon request

We design and produce high quality transmitters and displays. Special knowledge lies in temperature measuring systems. N+Customization is our service for the customized high end products manufactured to answer every exact measuring need.

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We also provide customized products for specific needs.

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Service based surveillance system for temperature, carbondioxide and much more.

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