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2016 - the Year of IoT

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With 2016 drawing to a close, I want to take a moment to look back. What did the past year introduce to the field of measurement technology and which of these new things are here to stay? While the field is less susceptible to trends than, say, the fashion industry, it does not exist in a societal vacuum either. The biggest technological phenomenon of the year was without doubt IoT. Consumer interest in Augmented Reality further strengthened the concept of the Internet of Things.

By enabling a new way of wireless monitoring in diverse environments, IoT clearly brings advancements to the field of measurement. For us, the most important advancement is a rise in consumer awareness. Having designed wireless measurement and monitoring systems for years, IoT's core tenets of wirelessness and networked devices are as such not a novel idea for us. What is new however is a growing demand brought on by growing awareness. With IoT becoming a mainstream concept, an intelligent network of devices is becoming more a practical norm than an engineer's daydream. We stand to benefit from this direction of events and are of course hoping the trend continues. The possibilities of IoT and awareness thereof means, for us, an even more knowledgeable customer base - which in turn will push us to advance even further. As a company, we feel it is paramount to keep improving and to stay on the forefront of IoT in the future as well.

The concepts of Clean Tech and Smart City have been gaining traction for some time now. The effects of population and industrial centers on the environment have been discussed throughout the year, and there is a growing pressure to monitor these effects with the aid of IoT. An effort to solve and prevent continuing inside air quality problems in both old and new buildings has further highlighted the need for measurement solutions. IoT enables a network of devices covering a whole factory or even a city. This is likely to boost the Smart City concept in the following year. For Nokeval, our N+Customization solutions look to employ us in 2017. Several IoT projects related to Clean Tech and Smart City will keep us busy as customer needs get both more varied and specific. The first milestone of the year will be the measurement solution needs for the Eco3 project.

With a growing demand and technological advances in IoT, a diversification in needs for specialist services looks to set the tone for 2017 at Nokeval. Delivering solutions for individual customer needs has always been central to our service, but customizations will be even more important in the future. Our existing line of products will be supplemented by more advanced IoT based solutions. We believe this will provide our customers with the best possible service as trends continue to change and evolve.

Our blog will take a break for the holidays. We'll be back with new thoughts mid January. Happy holidays and a prosperous new year for all our readers!


Text: Suvi Heimola, Marketing Designer


Images: pixabay.com

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