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2016 - the Year of IoT

Circumstance Monitoring


With 2016 drawing to a close, I want to take a moment to look back. What did the past year introduce to the field of measurement technology and which of these new things are here to stay? While the field is less susceptible to trends than, say, the f

IoT SmartCity Wireless

Things to consider when selecting IoT -solutions

Circumstance Monitoring


Concepts of IoT and digitalization are highly hyped. They are promised to revolutionize everything and bring out huge savings. The change will be great but what one should do right now in order to enjoy the benefits of the new technology immediately?

Sensor SmartCity Wireless Ovaport IoT

Energy efficiency – is it more than just costs?

Circumstance Monitoring


Everyone has some idea what energy efficiency means. A property owner should know the factors that cause an energy load in their building. Still, energy efficiency rises some questions and wondering. What are the main points that should be taken into

SmartCity EnergyEfficiency
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