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Energy efficiency – is it more than just costs?

Circumstance Monitoring


Everyone has some idea what energy efficiency means. A property owner should know the factors that cause an energy load in their building. Still, energy efficiency rises some questions and wondering. What are the main points that should be taken into consideration and why it would be profitable to raise the building's energy efficiency to the next level? What kind of benefits can energy efficiency actions generate and how is the efficiency measuring reasonable to arrange?

Nowadays, energy efficiency is “the thing”. From the environmental perspective, the aspiration and need for energy savings are constantly growing. In Finland 40% of the total energy consumption is caused by buildings. That is the reason the construction and buildings are the main points in the energy saving nationwide. The topic has been recently in discussion in FINVAC Energyseminar 2016. In October it will be one of the main topics in the Energy Event 2016 held in Tampere.

energy efficiency


The purpose of investing to the energy efficiency is to generate profits for the owner of the building, and to minimize the building's negative influence to the environment. Building's indoor temperature, and indoor air's humidity and carbon dioxide ratios are the factors that are useful to take into consideration. Monitoring temperature, air humidity and carbon dioxide concentration will effect positively among other things to pleasantness and mileage of the building's indoor area. Well-maintained and energy efficient building is also requirement for effective working.

Cost-efficiency and energy efficiency walk hand in hand. Building's energy efficiency is directly proportional to financial savings and sustainable environment development. If you pay only half attention to energy efficiency, also the advantages will stay humble. When building's energy efficiency and circumstance monitoring are decided to be taken to the next level, comprehensive measuring helps to follow the efficiency plan and ensures the actions really have wished effect. The savings are gained by paying attention e.g. to thorough utilization of heating energy. Energy efficient building has in a long term low maintenance and servicing costs and has a higher resale value also in the future.

Buildings energy efficiency can be measured with a comprehensive measurement system which detects deviations with speed and accuracy.

Building's energy efficiency can be measured with a comprehensive measurement system which detects deviations with speed and accuracy. Our company is actively involved in developing the measuring and monitoring possibilities. Technology nowadays decreases remarkably required tasks so the increase of the energy efficiency doesn’t need to mean more work to people in the building. That is good to keep in mind when you consider updating the systems. 

You can find us at the Energy Event of Finland 2016, Tampere Exhibition Center. Come to visit us at stand E108 and discuss more about Smart City technologic and energy measuring possibilities. 

Text: Elisa Mäkinen, Sales Assistant

Pictures: tdworld.com, flickr.com


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