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Implementing food storage temperature monitoring


Storing food in correct temperatures ensures their quality and safety. Ensuring correct temperatures however requires monitoring, which is an important component of an in-house control solution in any professional kitchen or restaurant.

Temperatures can be monitored by either sampling or continuous measurement. Sampling means taking a single measurement and storing the result, on a form on the refrigerator door for example. With continuous measurement, temperature measurements are made constantly. The best monitoring solutions also store the results automatically for later use.

When deciding on a monitoring solution, it is best to consider what the desired end results are. A sample measurement can verify a temperature at a given point in time. However by measuring continuously, the resultant data can be used to get a much better picture of temperature variations. The data will also show statistical data such as minimum, maximum and average temperatures. A graph of temperature variations can help decide on equipment maintenance. The more automatic the monitoring process, the less working time it consumes and the smaller the chance of human error.

Continuous measurement can also be used to produce alerts outside normal working hours should temperatures end up outside accepted limits. A person on duty can then check up on the situation and take actions to properly store the products. This means the kitchen will operate normally the next day. The alert produced will later show up in an in-house control report detailing any anomalies.

The accuracy and dependability of the measurement devices used is of great importance - they are used to ensure the quality of the food served. It is important to make sure the in-house control solution chosen includes properly calibrated devices and that recalibration is performed at proper intervals. Monitoring temperatures over the whole lifespan of products guarantees their quality all up to the end customer. This is what a professional kitchen is about - providing customers with quality products.


Text: Aura Lehtonen, Service Specialist


Picture: lifeofpix.com

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