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Mobile measurement with Bluetooth* devices



January saw the awaited release of the first Bluetooth Smart devices for the Ova service. Ovasense Neo and Ovahygi Neo are new versions of their predecessors Ovasense and Ovahygi. Ovasense Neo comes with the familiar Pt100 probe sensor for easy temperature sample measurements, Ovahygi Neo is used both for making surface hygiene measurements and analyzing them. The new devices have very low power consumption due to their use of low energy Bluetooth Smart technology. Charging is not an issue with these devices - battery life in normal usage should be at least a year. All devices within the Ova system include a calibration service and the Neo devices are no exception. The calibration procedure includes battery replacement.

Portable sensors are now available with Bluetooth connection.

With the release of these new products, the Ova mobile app for Android smart phones was also unveiled. The app is free to download from Play Store, but using the service requires an active Ovaport used ID. The first release version enables making sample measurements and notes and also supports Ovaport tasks. Future releases will add alarm acknowledgement and a more in-depth view of measurement data. All measurements, notes and acknowledgements are automatically stored by Ovaport. Reporting, configuration and other advanced tasks will stay within Ovaport's purview for easy management.

Portable sensors operate seamlessly with Ova mobile app.

The Ova app has been developed with a fluent user experience in mind. Extra emphasis has been placed on the usability and looks of the user interface. The app will automatically use the closest enabled Neo device, so no pairing of the Bluetooth devices is necessary. The app will remain in active development and all user feedback will be taken into account when planning new features and improvements. Feedback, questions and inquiries on trial usage of the app can be sent to our support team using the email address ova@nokeval.com. All customer feedback is deeply appreciated.

Our Bluetooth expertise further expedites future per customer system and product customizations. Our N+ service now includes the development of Bluetooth devices for different customer needs. Specialized Android and iOS app development is also available. Our specialists are here to provide you with solutions for any yet unmet challenge.


Text: Jani Vähäsöyrinki, Chief Technology Officer

Pictures: pixabay.com


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