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Wireless measuring devices are changing the world in ways we yet cannot imagine. Condition measurements can provide valuable and comprehensive information on the environment in which we spend our entire lives. In the past, it was perhaps enough to have four walls, running water and a corner shop selling groceries, but now, the situation has changed. We want to know the materials used for building our homes and environment, how they impact the quality of the air we breathe, and the chemicals present in our drinking water. To meet this need, we have developed a comprehensive OVA measurement system, which detects any deviations and threshold crossings with speed and accuracy. In families suffering from allergies, even the threshold values might be too high, and so a comprehensive and extensive measurement system is needed.


OVA is a centralised monitoring system, which is equally suited for use in small communities and entire cities (Smart City). Nokeval is a company specialised in measurement technology, and with 36 years of experience, able to develop and apply completely new types of solutions to increase well-being.


Measuring network  

Measuring devices are, of course, the most fundamental part of condition measurements, and their quality is the core of the whole system. In addition to this we have built the Ovanet measuring network, which can be connected to millions of transmitters. The measurement data collected by the transmitters is stored in our Ovaport cloud service, where they can be monitored via a smart phone or a computer.


°C, RH %, CO2, VOC  

Temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide greatly influence conditions in a building. Some structures and furniture may release VOC gases, which are detrimental to human health.


O3, NO2, SO2, H2S, CO Lung-irritating pollutants  

Transport and industrial air pollution also have a negative impact on indoor air quality. Mould does not have to be the only reason for poor air.


Particles, formaldehyde  

Particle measurement (PM2.5 and PM10) ensures the efficiency of a building's ventilation system and the quality of the incoming air.



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