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Monitoring Service Ovaport

Ovaport is the core of the OVA service. It is a cloud based software used in a web browser or in the mobile application. The service is accessed via the "Sign-in" link on the top of this site with your own user ID.



Construction of the data collection application

The construction of Ovaport's flexible data collection environment follows a simple 3-step structure: object, measuring point and measuring channel. Each of these can be assigned an abundance of additional details, such as alarm limits, address information or instructions in exceptional situations.


Data collection and recording

Collected measurement data are stored in Ovaport's measurement channels and retained for at least the period agreed. The servers storing the data are in a data centre environment. Back-ups are run daily by transferring the data to a centre located elsewhere in the country.


Data monitoring

Collected data can be browsed and viewed versatility for the entire storing period. The review period is adjustable from 3 hours to several months. Alerts and tasks are displayed as separate lists.


Data reporting

Collected data can be reported for the desired period. The different report templates are customisable according to your needs. A typical example is the deviation report, which collects all alerts and tasks, i.e. extraordinary events. Reports are available in PDF and Excel formats.



Alerts and the quantity thereof are displayed clearly in the Ovaport service interface, but can also be sent by SMS and/or e-mail. Emergency on-call shifts and message recipients are customisable.


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