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Panel meter





The panelmeter 2064 is designed to display the position of incremental sensors. The incremental sensor has two output channels and the direction of rotation is indicated on the basis of the phase shift of the channels A and B. The panelmeter counts the number of pulses from both the sensor outputs and the channel whose pulse edge rises up first determines the direction of rotation.

The pulse number to be counted can be scaled so that the incoming pulse is given an integer value or a floating point value, which is either added or subtracted depending on the direction of rotation. For example one incoming pulse may equal to 3.234 on the display.

The options available are 2 or 3 alarm relays and serial output RS-232 or RS-485. The serial output can only be used for reading the display value.

Separate passwords can be set for access to the configuration menu and alarms. Brightness of the display is selectable. The front panel protection rating is IP65, i.e. it can be mounted onto cabinet doors without any separate protecting cover.

The panelmeter series 2000 is very flexible and easy to modify by changing input cards for different kinds of sensors, such as temperature sensors, pulse sensors, serial inputs etc. The modification does not require any calibration. The optional cards are the same for all the instruments in this product family. Each panelmeter type has its own datasheet.

Separate field enclosures can be supplied for 1 to 3 panelmeters. The 2064 is also available in the field display series, model 2800-2064.

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Input details


incremental sensors

sensor supply

5 V, 12 V or 24 VDC, max. 100 mA

Display details

display color


number of digits


indicator lights

alarm levels 1 and 2


7-segment LED

digit size

14.5 mm

Power supply

power consumption

2,5 VA

current consumption

24 VDC: 70...110 mA depending on the digit count

supply voltage

24 VDC: 12...32 VDC / 24 VAC, 230 VAC: 85-260 V AC/DC

General information


240 g

protection class

IP65 (front panel with a rubber gasket provided)


96 x 48 x115 mm (WHD)



minimum ambient temperature


case material

plastic, black

maximum ambient temperature


Display value increases or decreases according to rotate direction of sensor depending on which of lines A or B rises up first.