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Panel meter





The panel meter 2251 is designed for two pulse sensors such as NPN-, PNP-, Namur -sensors, closing contact or pickup. The meter calculates the difference between the input frequencies, subtraction A-B, or alternatively, the meter divides the input frequencies, division A/B.

The input frequency range 0,0001Hz..5 kHz is exceptionally wide starting with very low frequencies. The display is scaleable on the whole frequency range, e.g. 0-1,23 Hz can correspond to the range 0-5000 on the display. Output is freely scaleable on the basis of the display, e.g. 4-20 mA. Two different measuring methods are applied: in low frequencies the time interval between two incoming pulses is measured and in higher frequencies the frequency.

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Input details


Namur, Pickup, PNP, pulse sensors, closing contact

input channels



0.01% full scale

sensor supply

24 VDC, max. 150 mA

Display details

display color


number of digits


indicator lights

alarm levels 1 and 2


7-segment LED

digit size

14.5 mm

Power supply

current consumption

24 VDC: 70...110 mA depending on the digit count

supply voltage

24 VDC: 12...32 VDC / 24 VAC, 230 VAC: 85-260 V AC/DC

Inputs: Scalable difference display (speed) for two pulse sensors (pulse/sec.) Outputs: 0/4-20 mA, 0-5/10V, serial RS485/232, 2 alarm relays