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For strain gauge sensors





The versatile field display 2800-2041 is designed for strain gauge sensors. Strain gauge sensors can be connected with 4 or 6 wires. The 6-wire connection removes the lead wire resistance, as bridge voltage is measured from the sensor poles, and therefore it is recommended for applications requiring very high accuracy. The field display provides 10 V excitation voltage for sensors, max. four 350 ohm sensors. Options to the 2041 include output 0/4-20 mA , 0-10V, 2..4 alarms or serial output RS-485/232.

Display scaling and taring is easy via front panel keys. Scaling can be carried out in two different ways, either by applying the mV values of the bridge or using the teaching function. The teaching is done by first loading the sensors with the min. weight and then with the max. weight, after which the meter will automatically count the scaling. In applications where the sensor loading is not in balance a separate serial connection unit of the sensors.

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Input details


strain gauge sensors

measuring range

25...50 mV


0,0028 % / °C


0.05% full scale

Connection details

baud rates

300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 and 19200

bus protocol

Nokeval SCL

Display details

display color


number of digits


indicator lights

alarm levels 1-4, min and max


7-segment LED

digit size

20 mm

Power supply

power consumption

12 W

supply voltage

230 VAC: 85...240 VAC, 24 VDC: 12...32 VDC

General information

protection class



180 x 130 x 80 mm (LWD)


wall mount

minimum ambient temperature

-10 °C

case material

polycarbonate, light gray

maximum ambient temperature

60 °C

1-4 strain gauge sensors with 4/6 wire connections