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Counter/batch controller for pulse sensors





The fied display 2800-2061 is designed for pulse counting and batch control.The incoming pulses are freely scaleable on display to correspond to the desired number value, e.g. 1 incoming pulse equals to 5,34 on the display. Display memory stores the calculated value in memory for one week without power supply.

The pre-set function makes it possible to use the counter as a batch controller as well. Counting can be done upwards or downwards from the pre-set value. Alarm relays may control other devices. New counting can be started automatically or manually by an external contact.

There are two power supply possibilities, one for 85..240 VAC and the other for 24 VDC/24 VAC, both galvanically isolated from input/output.

 Batch/ totalizer functions are also available for analog inputs: the field display model 2026.

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Input details


Namur, NPN, Pickup, pulse sensors, closing contact

sensor supply

24 VDC, max. 150 mA

Connection details

baud rates

300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 and 19200

bus protocol

Nokeval SCL

Display details

display color


number of digits


indicator lights

alarm levels 1-4, min and max


7-segment LED

digit size

20 mm

Power supply

power consumption

12 W

supply voltage

230 VAC: 85...240 VAC, 24 VDC: 12...32 VDC

General information

protection class



180 x 130 x 80 mm (LWD)


wall mount

minimum ambient temperature

-10 °C

case material

polycarbonate, light gray

maximum ambient temperature

60 °C

Scalable totalizer, up/down counting, batch processing