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OPT-PI200 / OPT-PI230

Infrared camera





The Optris PI200 and PI230 infrared cameras are equipped with an innovative BI-SPECTRAL technology, allowing the combination and synchronous recording of real-time and thermographic videos and images. This feature together with the 128 Hz frame rate makes them optimally suited for employment in conveyor belts or garbage bunkers. Other areas of application include research and development, test stations, process automation, and demanding portable measurement tasks.

The PI 200/230 standard model offers a temperature range of -20°C... 900°C. The Optris PI Connect software, included in the package, offers video and snapshot recordings, extensive analyses (offline, online) and is equipped with an integrated line scan camera function. The PI200/PI230 is available with 4 alternative optics.

In practice, the two models differ only in video camera optics (FOV): 54° x 40° (PI 200) and 30° x 23° (PI 230). For an ideal thermal camera and video camera image combination 41° HFOV lens is recommended for PI200 and 23° HFOV lens for PI230.

Content of the delivery:

  • USB camera
  • 1 lens (23° x 17° FOV/f=10mm, 6° x 5° FOV/f=35.5mm, 41° x 31° FOV/f=5.7mm or 72° x 52° FOV/f=3.3mm)
  • USB cable (1 m)
  • table tripod
  • PIF cable with terminal block (1 m)
  • Optris PI Connect software package
  • aluminium case


  • Scalable temperature range 200...1500°C (T1500)
  • Package can be extended to include additional temperature analysis equipment and several optics.
  • Additional equipment allow USB cable extension up to 100 m over Ethernet or up to 10 km over fibre.

For purchasing Optris infrared products, please contact your local Optris representative. Nokeval represents Optris products in Finland, and we are happy to help every Finnish customer in need of infrared sensors and cameras.

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Connection details

bus interface

USB 2.0, Process interface (PIF)

Power supply

supply voltage

USB connection

General information


Optical resolution: IR 160x120 & VIS 596x447 / 640x480 pixelx
Accuracy: ±2°C or ±2%
Frame rate: IR 128 / 96 Hz & VIS 32 Hz


215 g, incl. lens

protection class



45 x 45 x 62 mm (WHD)

minimum ambient temperature


maximum ambient temperature


Very compact and fast thermal/video camera allows the combination and synchronous recording of real-time, thermographic videos and images. Temperature range options -20...100°C, 0...250°C or 150...900°C (T900).