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Pt100 or Pt1000 cable sensor



Cost-efficient cable sensor for construction sites. Sensor length 50 mm, diameter 6 mm. Silicone cable length 2m. Pt100 model has 3-wire connection, Pt1000 model 2-wire connection. Measuring range -50...+180°C.


Ideal for sights with low accuracy requirements, as the accuracy class is B,  +-0.3°C. Cable causes +0.4°C for each meter.


Product Sensor type Connection Cable length
TLC-Pt100-50-6.0-2m/2 Pt100 2-wire 2 m
TLC-Pt100-50-6.0-3m/3 Pt100 3-wire 3 m
TLC-Pt1000-50-6.0-2m/2 Pt1000 2-wire 2 m

Sensor details

maximum sensor temperature


sensor length

50 mm

accuracy class


connection method

2- or 3-wire connection

minimum sensor temperature


sensor type

Pt100 or Pt1000

sensor diameter

6.0 mm

Cable details

cable length

2 or 3 m

conductor insulation


Pt100 or Pt1000 sensor with silicone cable