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BK thermocouple sensors with a ceramic ø15 mm protection tube are ideal for high temperatures and applications, where steel tubes erode quickly. Constant maximum temperature 1000°C, instantaneous maximum temperature 1200°C. Clamp assembly 15 mm in diameter and 150 mm in length. The sheath of C610 ceramic material. Coupling with a ring.

For temperatures exceeding 1000°C we recommend the type S thermocouple, which is many times more durable than type K.

Product range:

Type Sensor Length Wire pair diameter
BK-K-355-10-1.0 355 mm 1.0 mm
BK-K-500-10-1.0 500 mm 1.0 mm
BK-2xK-355-10-1.0 355 mm 1.0 mm
BK-2xK-500-10-1.0 355 mm 1.0 mm
BK-S-250-10-0.35 250 mm 0.35 mm
BK-S-355-10-0.35 355 mm 0.35 mm
BK-S-355-10-0.5 355 mm 0.5 mm
BK-S-500-10-0.35 500 mm 0.35 mm
BK-S-500-10-0.5 500 mm 0.5 mm
BK-2xS-355-10-0.5 355 mm 0.5 mm
BK-2xS-500-10-0.5 500 mm 0.5 mm


Sensor details

maximum sensor temperature


sensor insert connecting method

terminal block

connection box

B head

fastening part diameter

15 mm

sensor shield material

Ceramic C610

sensor diameter

10 mm

fastening part length

150 mm

K or S thermocouple sensor with ceramic protection tube