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Pt100 Sensor



Pt100 sensor, sensor element mounting with either a transmitter mounting plate or a coupling ring. Temperature range -50...500°C. Accuracy class A or B, sensor sheathing of material 1.4571.

Type Connection Sensor Length Length of reinforced section
PTLG-140/65-AL Steel plate for transmitter 140 mm 65 mm
PTLG-200/65-AL Steel plate for transmitter 200 mm 65 mm
PTLG-260/125-AL Steel plate for transmitter 260 mm 125 mm
PTLG-140/65-KY Terminal block 140 mm 65 mm
PTLG-200/65-KY Terminal block 200 mm 65 mm
PTLG-260/125-KY Terminal block 260 mm 125 mm


Sensor details

maximum sensor temperature


accuracy class

A or B

connection method

3- or 4-wire connection

sensor shield material


minimum sensor temperature


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