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USB to RS485 converter





DCS770 is used to add an RS-485 connection in a PC computer. It is connected in a USB port, and the drivers create a virtual COM port that can be used as an ordinary COM port. Even the baud rates and bit configuration can be changed in Windows port settings - these require no jumper settings. DCS770 can be used with a variety of protocols, including Nokeval SCL and Modbus ASCII and RTU.

To aid troubleshooting, DCS770 is equipped with three indicator LEDs. It is small in size, and it has screw terminals eliminating the need to make solder joints on cables.

Due to individual serial number on every device, these devices retain the COM port number if detached and replugged, even in a different USB port.

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Connection details

baud rates

300...115200 bit/s

Power supply

current consumption

< 100 mA

supply voltage

USB connection

General information


56 x 31 x 25 mm

minimum ambient temperature


maximum ambient temperature


Cable details

cable length

USB 1 m

A small size converter that takes its energy form USB port.