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Wireless transmitter for external PT100 cable sensor




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FT10-RT433-ES is a wireless transmitter with gland for external Pt100 and Pt1000 sensors. The device consists of a radio transmitter module FT10-RT433, a measurement module FT10-ES and a whip-antenna. The design and construction of the device ensures high measuring accuracy and stability along with outstanding durability and resistance against adverse environmental conditions. The device includes 433.92 MHz radio transmitter and detachable whip-antenna which enables transmissions even out of closed steel cabinets and other difficult targets. Separately ordered Pt100 and Pt1000 sensors can be connected via gland to internal connector. To achieve the best cable sensor accuracy and ease of connection we recommend using 4-wire cable sensors. 


The measuring module recommended calibration period is two years. The calibration agreement is offered as an additional service. The service includes replacement measurement modules delivered automatically when the calibration date is approaching. The replacement modules are changed to the places of the measurement modules that are currently in use. This prevents breaks in measurement cost-effectively. For users in need of extreme accuracy we can offer calibration of the measurement module and the sensor together, when both the measurement module and the sensor need to be sent to us. The battery is also changed together with calibration, though it would have power left even for several years to come.

The device fulfills the mechanical and measuring accuracy requirements of the EN 13485 standard. It also conforms to the requirements of the standards EN 13486 and EN 12830 where applicable.



Load manuals (pdf)

Input details


Pt100, Pt1000

measuring range


input channels




Radio details

transmission interval

5 s... 5 min

coverage range

1000 m (open space)

Output details

output channels



433 MHz radio signal

Connection details

connector model

Sensor connector


MekuWin, DCS772

Power supply

battery life

Over 3 years (80 s transmission interval)

supply voltage

Battery: 1.5 V AA alkaline

Sensor details

connection method

4 wire

sensor type

External Pt100, Pt1000

General information

cable glands

2-5 mm sensor cable

protection class


minimum ambient temperature

-30 °C


CE, EN13485

maximum ambient temperature


case material

plastic (PC, ABS+PC)

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