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Wireless ATP luminometer




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Ovahygi makes rapid ATP surface hygiene sampling a part of your daily routine of ensuring clean surfaces, high quality production and safety. ATP sampling surface hygiene and traceably recording the results has never been so quick, easy and economic.

Ovahygi can be used as a stand-alone measuring instrument, but it really excels when used seamlessly together with Nokeval’s Ovaterm portable data collection terminal and Ovaport network service.

This is a combination that makes professional ATP surface hygiene sampling, measuring, recording and reporting a streamlined and efficient process. No cables, plugs, drivers nor software to install.

Product highlights

  • Very easy to operate
  • Fast measurement cycle, results under 1 minute
  • Uses Hygiena Ultrasnap swabs
  • Direct result read-out
  • Seamless integration with Ovaterm data collection terminal and Ovaport service
  • Battery powered, up to 3 year battery-life
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Ensures reliable results by monitoring the device orientation and ambient temperature

Application examples

  • Surface hygiene monitoring on a daily basis
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of cleaning procedures, rapid feedback
  • Quality assurance

Ovahygi is a part of Nokeval’s OVA family of products and services. Explore how OVA can help you in boosting quality and productivity at www.ova.fi and ask your local distributor for pricing.

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Output details


433 MHz radio signal

Display details

display color



7 segment LED

Power supply

battery life

3 year in normal use

supply voltage

Battery: 1.5 V AA alkaline

Sensor details

sensor type

Hygiena UltraSnap™

General information


190 g

protection class



198 x 47 x 27 mm (LWH)

minimum ambient temperature

20 °C

case material

plastic (PC+ABS)

maximum ambient temperature

30 °C

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Fast ATP luminometer in a new price class. Ovahygi can be used as a stand-alone measuring instrument, but it can also be used together with Ovaterm data collection terminals and Ovaport web service. When used together with them, all results are wirelessly transferred to the cloud.