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Ovazone-Core series




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Core series includes two different transmitter models. Basic model Ovazone-Core-T measures temperature, relative humidity and illuminance indoors. The accuracy of the illuminance measuring is adjusted for telling if lights are on in the room or if sun is shining brightly.


Ovazone-Core-CO2 model includes every T-model feature along with carbondioxide concentration in indoor air up to 2000 ppm. The device requires fresh air at least once a week for autocalibrating itself. Without weekly calibration the results will decrease from actual levels.


The device works with a battery, but can also be powered with an external 5V power with a USB cable or a 2-wire cable.



Ovazone is an automatically self-organizing expandable network utilized by all Ovazone series" devices. Every device work both as a transmitter and a repeater. The principle creates a mesh network, which ensures there isn"t any dead zones in the loudness of the devices. The Mesh network searches automatically for the best connections and updates them if needed. The open space range is up to 200 meters. The system also requires gateway devices (Ovazone-Wave or Ovazone-Cell) for uploading the data to online Ovaport service.

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Input details


temperature, humidity, illuminance, CO2

measuring range

temperature: +5...+60°C, humidity 5...95% Rh


temperature: ±0,5°C range +15...+35°C, humidity: ±5% Rh range +5...+55°C, illuminance: 0...2000 lx, CO2 ±50 ppm + 3% of reading

Radio details

coverage range

300 m (open range)

Output details


radio signal frequency 2.4 GHz

Power supply

supply voltage

D alkaline battery (duration several months up to 7 years)

General information

protection class



100 x 160 x 46 mm

Core series"" transmitters measure temperature, humidity and illuminance indoors. Additionally CO2 level measuring may be included to the device. Core series is part of the automatically self-organizing Ovazone network.