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Ovazone 3G & LAN base station





Ovazone-Wave is the workhorse of every Ovaport data collection solution. It features a radio receiver for range of wireless transmitters in both MTR (433.92 MHz) and Ovazone (2.4 GHz) series and an RS485 interface with highly configurable Modbus RTU bus-master. The Modbus RTU bus-master can be used to collect data from several Modbus RTU slaves. Ovalink’s RS485 master also supports other devices, like for example the Vaisala WXT510 and WXT520 weather stations.


Ovazone-Wave has an internal battery backup to cover for short power failures; it can last for up to 5 hours, depending on conditions. It also has a buffer memory to store collected data during times there is no network service over its integrated mobile data connection (2G or 3G). Mobile data usage is optional, Ovazone-Wave includes also LAN connection. Rugged, splash-proof (IP65 rated) enclosure keeps the device safe also in more challenging conditions.

Input details


radio signal frequency 433.92 MHz & 2.4 GHz, RS485 (Modbus RTU)

input channels

unlimited node count

Connection details

bus interface


Logger details

data processing



buffer memory, data storaging in web service

Power supply

supply voltage

8...28 VDC

General information

protection class


minimum ambient temperature


case material

plastic (PC+ABS)

maximum ambient temperature


Easy-to-deploy data collection base station with display. Includes both mobile data and LAN connection.