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FT20 is a radio data receiver and repeater for Nokeval MTR series wireless transmitters.

FT20 receives and buffers the data packets that are sent by wireless transmitters. It can also relay the data packets so that large areas can be covered using only one receiver. It automatically recognizes the types of the transmitters, so different kinds of transmitters can be used simultaneously. Transmitters can also have different transmission intervals. FT20 uses license-free 433.92 MHz frequency band (ISM) so it can be freely used e.g. almost in whole Europe.

FT20 is housed in a watertight (IP66) and impact resistant plastic enclosure. The joint between the two modules is sealed with two rubber O-rings. The receiver is connected to a computer using RS-485 bus and it requires e.g. PromoLog data acquisition application that reads the data from the device.

Nokeval SCL or Modbus RTU protocol is used for data transmission between the receiver and the computer. Multiple receivers can be connected in parallel to an RS-485 bus to increase the coverage area. FT20 has one diagnostic LED and it requires 8..30 VDC power supply.


Type FT20-RTC433-RECEIVER means the device is pre-set as receiver only. Type FT20-RTC433-REPEATER means the device is pre-set as repeater and is supplied with a power supply.

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Connection details

bus interface


bus protocol

Nokeval SCL
Modbus RTU

baud rates

300, 600,1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 and 230400

Power supply

current consumption

Max 50 mA

supply voltage

24 VDC: 8...30 VDC

General information

protection class



Wall mount

minimum ambient temperature


case material

plastic (PC and ABC+PC)

maximum ambient temperature


FT20 is a radio data receiver and repeater for Nokeval MTR, FTR and KMR series wireless transmitters.