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Fredman Professional Kitchen

Fredman Professional Kitchen Oy is a part of Fredman Group. Fredman is a frontrunner in food safety, self-monitoring and kitchen management, ensuring hygiene and combating food waste in professional kitchens. Fredman combines information, technology and wide ranging knowledge for better food. Nokeval provides Fredman with measuring devices specifically developed for professional kitchens and a customized environmental monitoring system.


Fredman has been developing better tools for professional kitches for decades. They are fighting for better tasing food by manufacturing professional tools for food preparation, storage, transportation and kitchen cleaning. Carita fiber cloths, the Comple meal service system, Fredman baking sheets and tens of other products help kitchens create great tasting food. Fredman tools meet the most strict requirements a kitchen professional might have. 


Fredman has paid attention to how much time professional kitchens spend on routine activities that can be automated and have created the Fredman Pro service as an answer. Fredman Pro began as a self-monitoring solution, but currently it provides various methods of kitchen management. Kitchen Robo™ takes care of monitoring the kitchen, helps boost sales and combats food waste. It is a service to first and foremost ensure food safety and quality. Developed with customers, the digital Fredman Pro is used in hundreds of professional kitchens for more efficient kitchen management and self-monitoring.


Fredman Professional Kitchen strives for the perfect kitchen.


Fredman Professional Kitchen leverages Nokeval measuring devices and data acquisition platform specifically developed for professional kitchens. The service can include both automatic measuring devices and hand held Bluetooth devices for sample measurements. The data acquisition platform stores all data in real time, wirelessly and from every device. Besides physical devices, Nokeval has provided Fredman with customized versions of the Ovaport service and the Ova mobile app. These customizations include extra features and branding.



Get to know Fredman Pro service

Freeman Professional Kitchenin avulla lämpötilavalvonta onnistuu helposti ja tarkasti.

Fredman Pro soveltuu kaikkeen ammattikeittiöiden olosuhdevalvontaan.

Fredman Pron avulla elintarvikkeiden säilytys ja tarjoilu onnistuu vaivatta kaikkialla.