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Mouhijärven Herkkujuustola


Mouhijärvi Herkkujuustola combines Swiss cheese making tradition with Finnish ingredients. Master cheese maker Peter Dörig moved from Switzerland to Finland in the mid-90's, bringing with him the the love of cheese and the cheese making tradition of his family. When in 2002 a small cheese plant in the Selkee mansion was winding down its operation, Peter and his wife Jenni seized the opportunity. Still operating from the same location, Herkkujuustola currently produces seven different cheeses and hand made butter. Every shipment of milk comes from nearby dairy farms - this is real local food production. 


The demand for locally produced food was a great opportunity for Herkkujuustola as cheese consumption soared. New retailers have been assigned queue numbers as production hasn't been able to keep up with demand. The operation has outgrown its facilities a long time ago and new facilities are being constructed in nearby Häijää in Sastamala. The construction is expected to be compeleted in 2018. Even though production capacity is expected to increase sixfold, the handcraft ethos Herkkujuustola is known for will remain. Several new cheeses are being test produced as the new facilities make it possible to offer a wider selection of products. By allowing visitors to come look at the cheese making process and the cheese cellar, the new facilities will also offer unique experiences.


The new facilities also make it possible to monitor automated processes by modern means. An exacting quality assurance process will be used to complement the manual production process. An extremely precise humidity and temperature sensor manufactured by Swiss Novasina has been tested in the current facilities. This precision technology will be wirelessly connected to a comprehensive environmental monitoring system. Temperature and humidity conditions are continuously and automatically monitored with additional sample measurements ensuring stable conditions for quality assurance and hygiene.


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The environmental monitoring system used is built specifically to the distinct needs and demands of cheese making.

Herkkujuustolasta löytyy sekä valko- että punahomejuustoa.