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Kyrö Distillery Company

The story of Kyrö Distillery Company began in 2012 in Isokyrö with an idea conceived among a group of friends. Endless enthusiasm and braving a completely new field got paid back in spades: the company is in a seemingly limitless upswing as demand is through the roof. Kyrö Distillery's actual main product is just only entering the market with beverages at first relegated to secondary status are in global demand.


Kyrö Distillery is expanding their production to keep up with ever growing demand. Certain routine manual parts of the process are being automated which in turn creates a need for monitoring these automated systems. In addition to monitoring processes, continuous environmental monitoring in production and storage facilities further optimizes time spent on quality assurance.Quality assurance ultimately remains in the hands of the head distiller and to ensure continuous high quality key parts of production are carried out manually. To allocate manual resources to these critical tasks, parts of the process and environmental monitoring of storage were automated. This was carried out with a wireless system that monitors, among other things, the temperature and humidity of production and storage facilities. Even the underground barrel storage with its meter thick walls can be monitored thanks to a strong wireless signal. Automatic reports of any incidents are a real time saver - no need to keep checking on the system and the reports are sent to assigned personnel based on configured schedules.


A distillery environment has its own distinct critical measurement points. Kyrö Distillery uses the N+ R&D service, which aims to provide the customer with measurement devices for their particular needs. The current quality assurance system can be amended with virtually any type of sensor. This combined with wireless transmitters work to automatically acquire desired data which in turn the service presents in an easily readable form.


R&D co-operation started out with a visit to the Kyrö Distillery facilities. The process was mapped out in detail with the experts at Kyrö communicating their needs for data acquisition and critical measurements. Nokeval R&D took over from here by starting a process of selecting suitable sensor technology and connecting this technology to the existing system. The system delivered to Kyrö Distillery aims to specifically fulfill the measurement needs of a distillery and to acquire data most relevant to the customer.



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